007 Leadership Thoughts – The Basis Of Your Faith
006 Leadership Thoughts – Listening Down
005 Leadership Thoughts – Take Your Work Up A Notch
004 Leadership Thoughts – Choosing Leaders
003 Leadership Thoughts – Having The Eyes To See
002 Leadership Thoughts – Do What’s Right For Everybody
001 Leadership Thoughts – Make It Right The First Time

The story of Eli and his sons teaches us that we are not just impacted by who we are and what we do but also by what we tolerate around us.

When David’s brothers criticized his motives before the battle with Goliath, it is understandable. We can only see and understand people based on their past. In times when the tsunami of destiny has caught people up, their motives flow from the future and things of destiny. These are new and unknown. Let people change and embrace their future!

You cannot build a fence big enough to keep sin out of your family or out of a church. You can teach people to have a relationship with God and how to make good decisions that flow from God’s word. If we do not teach them God’s ways, they cannot walk in what they do not know.