The problem we have in relationships is we think people are who they used to be and we do not see them for who they are today. God looks at our fruit because that reveals current condition.

The light of His presence results in the “sorting” of God’s people.

God must look for “better leaders” because current leaders are not fulfilling their responsibilities of leadership as well as relationship with him. I Samuel 15:28

Man was created to walk with God and in His ways not in sin.

When God created the perfect companion for man, it was not another man nor a harem. It was one woman for life to grow old with.

When revival breaks forth, God’s people look for the Ezras not the Elishibs.

Salt (loyalty) restores life and productivity. 2 Kings 2:21

Relationship triumphs over structure. We lead people in a relationship of love.

The problem with hidden sin is that like all, it grows. Thus, more and more “space” is needed to hide it. Relationships are pushed away and isolation grows.

The most dangerous person in your life who will betray you, is a person who sees no future for themself with you any longer. ILL. Judas with Jesus