Random Thoughts

Circumstances affect your timing: be flexible.

All satan can do is develop his cheap imitations of God’s gifts of the Spirit. Why are God’s real gifts looked upon as the false and satan’s imitations as the real?

It is time as Christians for our political opinions to die and submit and pray for our new leaders. (Romans 13:1)

You can never disprove a lie. So, why respond? You can only validate truth. (Matt. 27:14, Mark 15:2)

Attacks do not flow from what you believe but from the doctrines that fill the hearts of your attackers. (Matt. 22:16-23)

Living right does not “limit our success.” It is one cause for our long term success.

Love does not win. GOD WINS!
Spiritual intimacy without fruitfulness will never satisfy.

Faith tempers possibility thinking with “will of the Father” thinking. Mark 14:36

God has a plan for my life- satan only has a scheme.