Mark 9:30-49

1. When you have hard questions to ask young leaders, do so in private (vs 33).
2. When you ask a question and are greeted with silence, you must do some teaching (vs 33-34).
3. The concern about who was greatest was focused on how they were being treated by each other and others (thus, the context of vs 35-36).
4. Leadership should not focus on how people are to treat them (based on accomplishment) but instead always present themselves as a servant (vs 35).
5. How people receive us is their decision. No matter how little we have ever accomplished (a child), their reception of us as leaders (in His Name) reflects their true reception of Jesus and the Father!
6. There is a difference between those who “use” His Name and those who follow Jesus (vs 38-40).
7. Some unsaved people receive rewards from God for helping Christians (vs 41).