Luke 5:1-11

Everyone will go through a season of failure. It is part of life. Watching Jesus move into our season of failure is an amazing truth.
1. Peter and his men were not joining the teachings of Jesus. They were “skipping church” in their discouragement. They were mending their nets and sitting in their pity party of failure.
2. Jesus approached them and asked them to serve. He was also failing in His ability to teach such a large crowd with His human voice limitation. He needed them and their boat to use the water to amplify His voice and reach the crowd.
– Using the same assets and abilities they had just failed with
3. They agreed despite their failure, and then Jesus wanted to reward their service. Jesus now commanded them to go and receive their harvest. Interestingly, He asked them to serve and now commanded them to be blessed.
– They now had to choose to believe that He could bless them in their business (fishing) at the wrong time and wrong place.

If you are in a season of failure, do not be surprised when He asks you to serve. Rise and serve, then watch Him turn the situation around. Don’t overthink what He commands you to do: Just obey!