Genesis 30:43–31:2 (NLT)

43 As a result, Jacob became very wealthy, with large flocks of sheep and goats, female and male servants, and many camels and donkeys.

31:1 But Jacob soon learned that Laban’s sons were grumbling about him. “Jacob has robbed our father of everything!” they said. “He has gained all his wealth at our father’s expense.”

2 And Jacob began to notice a change in Laban’s attitude toward him.

Please notice that the Sons of Laban had the same opportunity that Jacob had (Gen 30:35). No doubt, they would have even had a larger number to start with. However, faith in God and obedience to His guidance are the foundations of success. The point, however, is that people who are not successful always seem to go through an attitude change from your success. They feel that what you have really belongs to them. They just cannot face the fact that you did this all honestly because they failed in the same endeavor. At first, the attitude is contained, but later, they influence others. Learn to accept this truth and move on.