Young people sometimes ask me what is it like to get older? Well, for the most part, I never feel older and I never think I am old, until I look in the mirror or walk up a set of stairs (hahahahaha). I think like I have always thought. Yes, I sleep a little more and the knee is not quite what it used to be. However, there is one painful thing about getting older. It is watching and knowing what could have been in the lives of people. It does hurt to look at lives and see the talent and hand of God upon them and then temptation, bad decisions and sin reduce their destiny. Satan recognizes that there are people with one talent who receive small responsibilities and seems to leave them alone. He also recognizes the people with the 10 talents who are given great responsibility and seems to focus upon them. I watch people that could have been great pastors with megachurches returning to the business world, destroying their lives with bad decisions, and it hurts because I have seen it long enough to know the future of those decisions. As life unfolds, then you watch small things done when great things could have been done. YOU MAKE YOUR DECISIONS, AND THEN YOUR DECISIONS MAKE YOUR FUTURE. Young people, whatever God’s plan is for your life: live the life that allows God to fulfill all that He has for you.