John 7:16-18 Many years ago, I had the privilege to sit with T.L. OSBORN in the little converted garage behind where his daughter lived. As we sat in two chairs, side by side, he questioned me for about 1hour regarding my recent preaching, my understanding of the cross and what Jesus had accomplished for us. After answering all his questions, he looked at me and said, “you are a redemption preacher. I will teach you now. Most preachers are all in the same river, saying all the same things as each other.” I really did not understand at that time what he meant. I think I am beginning to now.  Our preaching is to come from Him and His word not books, not ideas we heard someplace else. Our teaching is to be born in study and prayer not a research team or sermon writing team. When we teach our own ideas and our own little thoughts, we are seeking to make a name for ourselves and not to teach for the honour of the Father.   Let us not try to be unique and attention drawing but rather return to the ancient paths of His Word. Let us return to prayer and study to lay before God’s people fresh truth that flows from God’s heart and His Word.